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More than ever before, today's animal feed formulations use substitute ingredients or by- products, though high in nutritional value, are less agreeable to the animals. In addition, unpalatable medications and preservatives in the feed often result in reduced consumption and even complete rejections by the animals.

One of the most successful techniques to combat this problem is the incorporation of flavors in the feed. Addition of the right flavor has been shown to improve feed intake. It plays an important role in increasing weight gain and early weaning as well as regular feed consumption in periods of stress. Moreover, flavors help stimulate the salivation process, an important factor in the successful feed utilization by the animals.

JB Specialty Products Corporation manufactures flavors and surfactants to the animal feed industry and has the capability to develop various types of flavors to meet the specific requirements of your feed formulation.

JB Specialty Products Corporation prides itself in the ability to provide you, the feed flavor customer, with the technical resources to develop stable and quality products that are right for your situation.

Currently, we manufacture flavors and enhancers for swine, bovine, poultry and equine. Flavors are substances added to impart taste and /or aroma. Enhancers are substances used to supplement or modify the original taste without imparting a characteristics taste or aroma of their own. We also have a special Surfactant product that reduces surface tension resulting in improved ingredient penetration and less desireable build-up in the equipment. All our products are manufactured with ingredients approved by government agencies of the United States of America.

Our products are available in liquid or dry form. Dry products can be made water soluble upon request, while liquids can be either water or oil miscible. Dry products are packaged in 11.4 and 22.7 kilo poly-lined bags or boxes. Liquid products are available in 18.2, 54.6 and 218.2 kilo containers. Special packaging for dry and liquid products are available upon request.

Suggested use rate for our products, is 1-2 lbs. of flavors per ton of feed (0.5- 1kg per ton). For flavor concentrates, we suggest to use 4 to 8 oz. per ton of feed (125-250 g per ton). For the special surfactant product, the recommended use rate is 4-8 oz. per ton of molasses or fat (125-250 g per ton).

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